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 Wa Az Aan Yek Lam-aa Keh

 and for them ( for these seven sacred souls),

 Moosa Alaihessalam Der Saraseemgi Rafta

that one (splash of) brightness through which Moses         ( peace be upon him ) got perplexed (confounded)

 Wa Toor Darhem Shikasta

and Mount Toor (i-e Mount Sinai) shattered down into jumble ( topsy-turvy)

 Der Her Lamhaa wa Torfatul-Ain

( is an ordinary splash of light) (because) with every (passing) moment and with every twinkling of eye

 Hafta Da Hazaar Baar Lam-aatay Jazbaat

 seventy thousand times stronger ( thans at Mount Toor) (splashes of ) brightness ( and of ) emotions (from)

 Anwaaray Zaat

NOOR (luminosity & splendour) of  DIVINE ENTITY

 Ber Eeshaan Warad Wa Dumm Na Zadend

 keeps on continuosly befalling unto them but they do not  (even halt to) take breath ( or gasp due to abundance of happening)

 Wa Aahay Na Kasheedend

 nor do they (even ) moan (or sigh) ( due to excessive showers of NOOR)

 Wa Hull Min Mazeed Mee Guftend

 instead, they keep on saying  'is there any more of IT?'

 Eeshaan Sultan-ul Faqr

These are the Sultan-ul Faqr ( king of the faqr)

wa Sayeed-el Kaunaun Un'd

 and Sayyed-el-kaunain ( leaders of the two worlds)

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