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 Sarassar Nazaray Eeshaan Nooray Wahdet

their glance (the seven sultan-ul-fuqraa's) is pure (sacred) light of UNITY (NOOR OF WAHDAT) 

 Wa Keemiya-ay Izaat

and (is like) alchemy of honour and diginity

 Ba Her Kas Partavay Unqa-ay Eeshaan Uftaad

(because) on whomesoever their, rarest of the rare, shadow befalls,

 Nooray Mutlaq Sakhtand

(it) tranforms him into absolute NOOR

Ehtiyaajee Ba Riyazat-o Wird Awraaday Zaaheree Taalibaan Ra Na Paradaakh-tand

(and these seven Sultan-ul-fuqra) do not require of the seekers to do the lengthy excercies of superficial litanies ( beacause with mere glance, they can take the seeker to high spritiual stations)

 Bidaan Keh Faqeer,  Mutlaq

Listen (O seeker) that this faqir (who is purgated)

 Mo-alliff Taaleefay Een Kitaab Mustataab

the author of this compilation (this delectable book)

Purdah Ha Wa Hujab-o Hujaab

has done away with all the veils

Tamaamee Bar Andaakhta

(which were barring intimacy) (between him & ALLAH )

 Ainool-Ain Wahdat Gashta

(and thus) he has himself become WAHDAT ( a manifestation of Absoulte UNITY)

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