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Mehway Ha Hoo-ee-yat-ay Mutliq ,Mussan-nifay Tasneef Mee Farmaa-yad

The author of this book,    who is completely engrossed in observing the HA of HUWIYET ,      says that when

Ta Aan Keh Az Lutfay Azalee Sarfaraazee

truly divine grace and favour was bestowed (uopn me)

Ain Inaayat Hqqul Haq Haasil Shuda

which I received as a blessing in the truest sense

Wa Az Hazoor,  Fayez-An-noor-ay Akram Nabawi Sallallhu Alaihi Wassallam

then Prohphet Muhammad (at the) holliest station of NOOR (divine light) (peace & benediction be upon him)

Hukmay Irshaad-ay Khalq Shuda

(Prophet Muhammad) instructed me to guide the people ( to righteousness) (without discriminating among people)

Che MUSLIM           Che KAAFIR

may they be msulims        , may they be non-believers


may they be with fortunes , may they be unfortunate ones

Che ZINDA              Che MURDAH

may they be living             , may they be deceased

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