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 Wa Ba Manzil-ay Faqr

 (when I had reahed) at a (very high) station of Faqr,

 Az Baargahay Kibriya Hukum Shud Keh

 from the Court of Magnificense, the decree came that

" Tu Aashiq-ay Maa-ee"


 Een Faqeer Arz Namood Keh

 (in reply) this faqir humbly petitioned that

 "Aajiz Ra Taufeeqay Ishqay Hazratay Kibriya Neest"

 "this incapable, (powerless person)  is not worthy of (honour & responsibility of ) loving the Personna of Magnificence"

 Farmood  " Tu Maashooq-ay Maa-ee"

 (on this) it was stated that '(THEN), YOU ARE MY BE-LOVED'

 Ba-az Een Aajiz Saakit Maand

 (for this) this incapable, (powerless person) (had no answer and thus) kept quite

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