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Mee Go-yed Musannifay Tasneef 

Says, the author of this book, 

 Motakifay Hareemay Jalaalo Jamaal

who resides, secluded, in the sanctuary of ( ALLAH"s) beauty & grandeur

 Ha Hoo-ee-yat Haq

of the HA of HUWIYET, in the truest way 

 Mehway Shahooday Zaatay Mutlaq

 who is completely absorbed in observing the ABSOLUTE ENTITY

Ain Inayaat Az Shahooday Mash-hood

who is a gift from the WITNESSED OMNIPRESENCE

Mabood Alal Haq

the WORSHIPPED ONE, in the turest way

Dar Maheday Naazay

 who swings in the cradle of

"Subhaani Ma Azamaa Shaanee"

 "praise me, how great is my splendour"

Basadray Izaat

who, being at station if highest respect, 

 Taajay Ma'rifatay Wahadatay Mutlaq ber ser

 waers on his head the crown of the knowledge (of God) and oneness(of His Being)

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