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 Wa Radaa-ay Tasfiya wa Tazkiya-ay

 who, wears on his shoulders the robe of reconcilliation and of purification with

 "Anta Anaa Wa Anaa Anta"    der ber

'antaa anaa' 'wa anaa anta'  ( you are me, and I am you)             ( purgation through annihilation of self) 

 Al Mullaq-qabo Minal Haq-qay

 who, was given the title of HAQ ( truth, personified)

 Bil Haq

 by the HAQ ( Absolute Truth i-e ALLAH)

Sirray Zaatay Hoo

 who is the secret of the ENTITY of HOO

 Faqir Baa Hoo

 who is Faqir BaaHoo  (may his secrete be sanctified)

 Urf Aawaan Saakin qurbo-jawar-ay  Qila-ay Shoar

who is  known to be (from the tribe of) Awaan resident of the vicinity of  Fort Shor(kote)

 Harrasa-hallaho-ta'ala Minal Fitne Wal Joar

 may ALLAH safegaurd him from mischeif & oppression

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