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 Wa Az Aan Hafth Arwaah-ay Fuqraa

and, from this (were created) souls of seven saints (faqirs)

 Baa Safaa Fanaa Fillah

 so much purified, they annihilated themselves in ALLAH

 Baqaa Billah

 and thus they found eternal life along with ALLAH

 Mehway Khiyalay Zaat Hama Maghaz Bey Poast

 who remained immersed in thoughts of ALLAH, who are (like a) rindless(fruit), full of kernel (full of essence, without anything extra)

 Pesh Az Aafrinashay Aadam Alaihe essalam

 much earlier than the creation of Adam (peace on.him)

 Hafta Dahazaar Saal

 after being remained drowned for seventy thousand years

 Gharaqay Behray Jamaal

 in the ocean of Divine Beauty

 Ber Shajray Miraatul Yaqeen Paida Shudand

 (these seven rindless fruits i-e purified souls were borne on the tree of ( reflection of ) faith

 Bajuz Zaatay Haq Az Azal Ta Abad

except the ENTITY OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH from beginning till the end (of all existence)

Cheezy Na Deedand

( these seven sacred souls) did not ( and will not) see anythings else

Wa Ma Siwa ALLAH Gaahay Na Shuneedand

and did not ( and will not) listen to anybody except ALLAH

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