Listen(O seeker),

Arshadak allah-o-ta'ala fid-daarain       

May Allah guide you in both worlds (this world & hereafter)

Kunto Ha  Hoviat

I was HA of (the domain of)  HOVIAT ( the Divine Essence)

Kanzan Yahoot

As a treasure of (the domain of) YAHOOT  ( the First Manifestation)

Makhfiyan La hoot

Hidden in(the domain of) LAHOOT ( the World of  Negation) 

Fa-Aradto Malakoot

Then, in (the domain of) MALAKOOT, ( the World of Pure Intelligence)

Un O'arafa Jabroot

I desired that I may  become known where there is JABROOT (the World of Power)

Fa-Khalaq-tul-Khalqa Nassoot

Thus, I created the creation in (the domain of) NASSOOT ( the World of bodies)

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