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Partavay Shoo-aa-ay Hazart-ay Kibriya

(after my acceptance of the statement)                                      a shadow of light from the Personna of Magnificence

Bunndah Ra Zarra Waar 

drowned, (immersed) this (humble) worshipper  and each ( and every) atom (of his body)

Der Abhaaray Istighraaq  Mustaghraq Sakht

into the occeans of ( perpetual divine) attenstion

 Wa Farmood

 and said that,

"Tu Ain-ay Zaatay Maa Hastee


Wa Ma Ain-ay Tu Hasstaim"

 and WE (with all the Names & Great Qualities) Are your ESSENCE"

"Der Haqiqat     Haqiqat-ay Maa-ee"

"IN (the domain of) HAQIQAT (reality)                      YOU ARE MY REALITY"

 "Wa Der Maarifat     Yaar-ay Maa-ee"

"and IN ( the domain of) MA'RIFAT (gnosis)             YOU ARE OUR ( very intimate) FRIEND 

 Wa Der HOO

and IN THE SHAPE of  (arabic word)  HOO,

 Sairoorat-ay Sirray YA HOO Hasstee

You (are the traveller who) has reached the regions of SECRETS OF YAHOO

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