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 Ba Harimay Kibriya Daayem Behrul Wisaal

in the sanctuary of magnificence (of ALLAH) (these seven sacred souls remain drowned)

 La Zawaal

permanently in the ocean of union ( with ALLAH ) without any decline ( in the state of union)

 Gaahay Jassaday Nooree Posheeda

at times, they do hide themselves, under the aura of sacred light ( NOOR) 

 Ba Taqdeeso Tanziya Mee Kosheedand

(for the sake of pursuing) their search of sanctity & purgation

 Wa Gaahay Qatraa Der Beher

at times, they are (like a) droplet in the ocean ( part of the whole)

Wa Gaahay Beher Der Qatraa

and at times, they are (like an) ocean in the droplet        ( after union, part becomes whole)

 Wa Ridaa-ay Faiz Ataa

 and on (their shoulders) is the beneficient robe of

 "Iza Tamma Faqr Faho ALLAH"  BerEeshaan

 "when FAQR reached its peak it becomes ALLAH"

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