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 P'uss Ba Hayathay Abdee

 that is why, (these seven faqirs have been bestowed) with an unending life and

 Wa Taajay Izzay Sermadee

 with the respectable, everlasting crown (on their head)

 El-Faqr-o  La Yohataajo Ila Rabbay hee

because of faqr(contentment), they  need nothing from their PROVIDER ( as they have unified with HIM )

 Wa La Ila Ghayray hee

 nor do they need anything from 'other than HE' ( indeed, one does not need anybody after unifying with ALLAH)

 Mo-azzaz wa Mukarram

so honourable, so esteemed, ( they are) ( so elevated, is their spiritual station)

 Az Afreenesh-ay Aadam Alaihe essalam

 that ( they are) not at all, aware of the birth of Adam ( peace be upon him)

 Wa Qiyaam-ay Qiyaamat

 nor (are they aware) of the happenings of the doomsday

 Haych Aagaahee Nadarend

(they have surpassed the temporal domain, thus for them, the beginning or end of time, means nothings)

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