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 Qadam-ay Eeshaan

their feet are

 ber ser-ay Jumla Awliya Ghaus-o Qutub

on the head of the Awliya(s) Ghaus(es) and Qutubs ( all hierarchies of saints)

 Agar Aanha Ra Khuda Khuwanee Rawaa

(thus) if you call them GOD, that is (perfectly) justified

 Wa Agar Banda-ay Khuda Daane Bajaa

and if you regard them as worshippers of GOD, that is also perfectly right

Alemaa Munn Alemaa

and (the one) who understood this (intricate point) (only he has) understood (consistency of thought behind the above two apparently contradicting statements is the crux of the matter, and the one who understood how these seemingly confilicting statements can be true at the same time, is the person who has understood the essence of sufism)

Wa Maqa'may Eeshaan Harimay Zaatay Kibriya

and (thus) Their (high) station is itself in the sancutuary of ENTITY OF MAGNIFICENCE

Wa Az Haq Ma Siwa Al Haq Cheezay Na Talabeedend

(because) they never asked any thing from HAQ                  (ABSOLUTE TRUTH) except the HAQ

Wa Badunya'ay Dunee Wa Naeemay Ukhrawee

(neither) ( the possessions of) this lowly material world, (nor) the comforts of the hereafter

 Hoor-o Qusoor, Behisht,

( like) houries, palaces, and (the temptation for) paradise,

Bakarishma'ay Nazar Nadeedend

 (even) for a single momment, caught their eyes (attention)

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