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Wa Yakay Roohay  Chashhma-ay- Chashmaanay Ha Hooviat,  Faqir Bahoo 

 another (of them) is the soul of  'a fountain from the (divine) fountains'  i-e Faqir Bahoo

Sirray Asraar-ay Zaatay Ya Hoo 

the secret from the secrets of ENTITY of YAHOO

Wa Doe Roohay Deegar Awliya

 and there are two more souls, of two other Awliyas

Ba Hurmatay Yumnay Eeshaan Qiyaamay Daaraain

and only due to the esteemed felicity and bleasings of these two souls,  the two worlds (this world and hereafter) have their (apparent) stability & permanence

Ta Aankeh Aan Doe Rooh

 as long as these two souls

Az Aashiyana-ay Wahadet

 from the nest of UNITY (their place in the domain of WAHDAT)

Ber Mazahiray Kassarat  Na Khuwahand Parreed

 do not bring themselves into this  world of variety

 Qiyaamay Qiyaamat Na Khuwahend Shud

the doomsday (of this material world) will not take place. (the world will not come to an end until the souls of two remaining Sultan-ul-furqaa do not reveal themselves)

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