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Sooba-haan-ALLAH  Jismay Een Bunnda Ra

All Praise and glory be to ALLAH, the (physical) body of this (humble) worshipper

Purdah-ay-Za-eef Ha-yel Khud Ba Khud

 is (like ) a thin veil


 between (him & ALLAH )

Hazaar Ha-ay  Issraar-ay Ajeeba

(and, from behind this thin veil ALLAH is revealing through him) thousand of strange secretes

Wa Lateefa Ha-ay Ghareeba Farmooda

 and exquistite subleties are being stated

Khud Naatiq    Khud Mantooq

 HE Himself is the speaker,   HE  Himself is the speech

Khud Kaatib    Khud Maktoob

 HE Himself is the scribe, HE Himself is the script

Khud Daal       Khud Madlool

Khud Aashiq   Khud Maashooq

 HE Himself is the proof HE Himself is the proved

HE Himself is the Lover  HE Himself is the Beloved

Agar Een Ra Aassaaray Qudratay Rabbani Danand  Baja

 If you take this (very piece of writing) as the signs of divine capabilities that is precisely so

Wa Agar Wahee-ay Manzil Khuwanad Rawaa, Ma-az-ALLAH

(but) if you call this (very book) as a divine revelation (sent down on me) that is also right , God forbid

Agar Een Wasseeqa-ay Lateefa Ra

(and) if you read this document (which is full) of subtleties

 Az Zabaan-ay Bunda Daanee Al-Haq

as utterance of this (humble) worshipper that is also perfectly correct (way of understanding it)

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