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Agar Wali-ay Wassil Keh Az  Raj-at-ay Aalam-ay Roohaanee

if a wali (of high spritiual station) faces a decline, in his spritiual matters 

ya Aalam-ay Quds Shahhood

or (if ) in this phenomenal (material) world

Az Daraj-ay Khud Uftaad Baashad

looses his (high & respectable) position

Agar Tawassul Ba Een Kitaabay Musstataab Jooyad

then, if he seeks (the help of) this delectable book as medium (to approach me)

Aan Ra Murshideest Kaamill

for him, I will be a perfect guide (murshid-ay-kaamil)

Agar OO Tawassul Na Giraft OO Ra Qassam

if he does not seek the help (of this book) then, let him be doomed (qassam to him)

Wa Agar Ma OO Ra Na Rassanaim Ma Ra Qassam

but if I do not give him (after he has sought help through this book) then, let me be doomed (qassam to me)

 Wa Agar Taalib-ay Silk Sulook

and, if the seeker, of connection & communication (to ALLAH), of civility of conduct (in the path to ALLAH )

Mo-tassim Wa Mota-muss-sik Sho-ud

 holds fast, and retain this (book as medium)

Ba-Mujarrid-ay Aetesaam

then, due to retention & perseverance

Aarifay Zinda-Dil

I will give him the knowledege (of ALLAH ) and I will make his heart, alive

Wa Roshan Zameer Saazam

and (I will make) his conscience, clear & bright

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