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 Her Keh Taalibay Haq Booad Munn Hazirum

I present myself, in the service of whosoever is the(true) seeker of HAQ( truth)

 Az Ibtida Ta Intiha Yek Dumm Barrum

so that, I take the seeker, within a moment, from the beginning to the end ( of the path to ALLAH)

 Tallib Beyaa Taalib Beyaa Taalib Beyaa

come, O seeker (of this material world)                      come, O seeker ( of the hereafter)                                   come, O seeker ( of ALLAH)

 Ta Rassanum Roaz-ay Awwal Ba Khudaa

so that, the very first day, I take you (to your destination) with ALLAH


 Listen (O, seeker)

 Keh Aariffay Kaamil Qaadiree

 those who have (intimate and ) perfect knowledge (of ALLAH) are the (true) Qaderi followers

 Ba Her Qudrat Qaadir

 (and thus, they are) capable of (performing amazing) feats

 Wa Ba Her Maqaam Haazir

 and (are capable of) of being prresent at every place

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