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Zaba'nay Gohar Fishhan Mustufa Saane

And, he ( Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h)) himself, with his pearl-divulging tongue called me Mustafa, the second

Wa Mujtaba Aakhir Zamaanee Farmooda

and Mujtaba of the last eons

Dast-ay Bey-at   Kard Maa Ra Mustufa 

(Prophet Muhammad) Mustafa (p.b.u.h) himself initiated me on his own

Khuwanadeh Ast  Farzand Maa-ra Mujtaba

and Mujtaba (p.b.u.h) himself called me, his son

Shud Ijaazat Bahu Ra Az Mustufa

(Prophet Muhammad) Mustafa (p.b.u.h) has given permission (& instruction) to (Hazrat Sultan) Bahoo(r.a)

Khalq Ra Talqeen Beykun Behr Az Khuda

 to guide ( and instruct) people ( to the righteousness) only for ALLAH's sake ( only to please ALLAH )

Khaakay Pa-aim Az Hussain-o Az Hassan

 I am (as low as) the dust under the feet of (Imaam) Hussain(r.a.) & (Imaam) Hassan( r.a.)

 Ma-rayfat Gasheh Ast Ber Munn Anjumunn

that is why I have achieved such ( a high spiritual) station in gnosis

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