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Chend Kalemaat

(the author of this books says) few sentences

 Az Abarazay Tehqeeqat-ay Faqar

about the secrets from (his) search (enquiries ) into faqr (piety, mendicancy)

Maqaam-ay Hovi-yat Zaat

(about) the station of the ENTITY of HUWIYET

"Rahmatee Wasay-at Kulla Shay-in"

(about the phrase) 'rahmatee wasay-at kulla shay-in' ( My Mercey surrounds every thing)

Tafserr Az Ma'aanee Al Ma'aana

to explain ( the deeper) meanings inside (its apparent ) meaning

Khass Al Khaas Taaleem Mee Aarad

to teach (the meanings) of the rarest of  the rare

 Aarif-ay Waasil

 The one who has knowledge (of God), and the one who has unified (with God)

 Ba Herja Deeda Kusha-yad

 looks around, in every direction,with wide open eyes

Bajuz Deedarush Na Bee-nad

BUT does not see anything except (ALLAH's HOLY ) PRESENCE

 Wa Naqsh-ay Ghairo Khudee

 thus he erases from himself all the signs of ( false notions of )

Az Khud Ber Andaa-zad

oneselfness & otherselfness ( he realises that material existence , inside or outside of oneself, is just a mirage)

Ta Ba Mutlaq Mutlaq Sho-ud

 so that absolute could unify with ABSOLUTE ( the absolutely purified soul of the seeker can unify with ABSOLUTE ENTITY (ALLAH ) only if seeker is able to kill his/her ego)

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