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Listen (O Seeker !)

Keh Choon Nooray Ahadee


Az Hujla-ay Tanhaa-ee-ay Wahdat

from ITS secluded chamber of UNITY

Ber Mazaahir-ay Kassarat Iraada Farmood

decided to reveal ITSELF in this phenomenal world of multiplicity

 Hoosnay Khud Ra Jalwa Ba Safa-ay GarmBazaaree Namood

then HE created a commotion by unveiling HIS sacred eterenal beauty

Ber Sham-ay Jamaal Parwaana-ay Kunain Beesouzeed

and towards the candle of HIS divine beauty, the two worlds rushed like a moth only to be burnt alive(in HIS love)

 Wa Neqaab-ay Meemay Ahmedee Posheeda

 and through the veil of 'meem' of Ahmed

 Soorat-ay Ahmeede Giraft

 ( the Light of Singularity) transformed into shape of Ahmed

 Wa Az Kassarat-ay Jazbaato Iradat

and due to abundance of emotions (of love) and devotion ( to Ahmed)

 Haft Baar Ber Khud Ba Jumbeed

 ( the Light of Singularity) seven times shook upon ITself

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